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LMA Fibers 

Large Mode Area (LMA) fibers for high power narrow linewidth CW and pulsed applications.

Fiber Processing

Multi-kW capable combiners, mode adapters, end caps and complete amplifiers with low modal distortions and excellent beam quality

Fiber Laser and Amplifier Systems

Powers at the kW level, or MW pulsed systems with diffraction limited beam quality and narrow linewidths

At Optical Engines our complete focus is our customers success through offering advanced fiber laser technology featuring Large Mode Area (LMA) based components, modules and systems for kW CW and high energy pulsed fiber lasers and amplifiers


Optical Engines specializes in the technology for creating all fiber Photonic Crystal Fiber amplifiers and other LMA based amplifiers for defense, scientific, and industrial applications.


Optical Engines, Inc. also offers the integration support, process development support, and service so important to customers trying to stay competitive. 

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