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Power Engine 1kW


Key Features

  • 1kW into 400-600um fiber

  • CE Certified for industrial application

  • User Interfaces: RS-232, USB, or Analog

  • Redundant interlocks for machine tool integration

  • Advanced warning protocol prior to system errors

  • Industrial grade electronics with multiple operation modes: CW, QCW, Gated, or Triggered Power Control

  • 19" Rack design with 2U form factor

  • Intuitive graphical user interface software for simple system control






  • FPD Bonding

  • Li-Ion Battery Welding

  • Projection Displays

  • Plastic Welding

  • Fiber Laser Pumping

  • DPSS Pumping

  • Soft Soldering

  • Thin Metal Welding

  • Medical Systems

  • Entertainment

  • Marking / Engraving

  • Material Heating




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